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Do you know if a new part is going to make you money or cost you money? Do you lose business to your competitors because your estimates are too high? The Sage MAS 500 ERP Estimating module provides detailed estimating capabilities to help you increase business while improving your bottom line.

Estimates provide more than an educated guess regarding total cost of production because they include materials, outside processing and labor, as well as overhead rates and one-time charges for tooling and engineering.

Estimates can be converted to a customer quote or directly to a sales order with a simple mouse click. Further, an estimate may be copied to or from an existing routing and bill of material. This allows you to quickly create new estimates based on similar items or previous estimates. Estimates can even be created from existing work orders. This is critical because you can use the actual material quantities, scrap yields, and actual costs from a similar job to produce more accurate quotes.

Empower your estimating department by providing flexible markup codes for up to five different quantities of parts. You can choose how to mark up materials, labor, outside processing, tooling, and other costs.

Final estimates provide insightful production information, including total cost, cost per piece, total price, price per piece, and gross profit.

Estimating is compatible with either Light or Advanced Manufacturing. The optional Product Configurator module can help engineers by allowing them to create custom-designed routings and bills of material using sophisticated configuration rules. These configured routing and bills of material can be copied to a new part estimate.

Estimating Highlights:

  • Pull inventory costs, work center rates, and other data to accurately calculate both costs and prices for new parts
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by using the copy-from and copy-to features in estimate entry
  • Engineers can create estimates and quotes containing multiple quantities of items—each with different markup codes
  • Create internal estimate notes and external notes that appear on the customer quotation
  • Assign dates to each estimate to track expiration dates, estimated start dates, and more
  • Multimedia and CAD integration improves the estimating process
  • Analyze and monitor Estimating data to gain more insights into estimating and quoting

Download the spec sheet for more information on module features and reports.


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