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Sage MAS 500 - Manufacturing

Shop Floor Control

The Sage MAS 500 ERP Shop Floor Control module provides real-time labor and production reporting for online production visibility throughout the enterprise. The shop floor menu was designed for use with touch screen technology and handheld devices.

Shop Floor Control provides access to all of the activities that generally take place in the shop. Users can log into or out of operations manually or they can use the built-in bar coding functionality to scan work order numbers and work order steps for automatic logons.

The logon and logout activities include easy-to-use lookups and number pads for data entry. They also include multimedia buttons that link directly to any multimedia or CAD attachments for the work order.

A current activity report and inquiry are provided to show which employees are currently logged on to a job at any manufacturing facility providing enterprise-wide visibility.

Shop managers can assign job tickets to employees through the Labor Assignments screen. Your employees can then view their assigned tasks and report production using Start and Stop Job Entry. This process saves money and waste by providing a paperless shop floor environment.

The Shop Floor Control menu is easily customized to include virtually any activity, maintenance function, report, or inquiry you need to run your shop floor.

Shop Floor Control Highlights:

  • The Shop Floor Control system was designed for use with touch screens and bar code technology
  • Record your labor and production information in real time
  • Employees can quickly enter labor and production information
  • Employees can log on to Work Order Inquiry to get more detailed information, such as schedule dates and step detail with view-only privileges
  • The Shop Floor Control system supports multi-job logons and production entry for co-products
  • Supervisors can view and assign job tickets to employees for a paperless shop floor system
  • Analyze and monitor manufacturing data and transactions    

Download the spec sheet for more information on module features and reports.


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