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Sage Abra Benefits Connect

Sage Abra Benefits Connect: Automatically and Securely Communicate Employee Benefits Data to All Carriers.

Sage Abra Benefits Connect cuts the costs and complexity of benefits administration by securely automating communication of employee benefits enrollment data with insurance and benefits carriers, eliminating the need to submit paper enrollment forms or create and maintain customized electronic file formats. Abra Benefits Connect eliminates the costly errors associated with duplicate data entry and ‘missed enrollments’ both during annual open enrollment periods and for employee changes throughout the year.

Supporting virtually all benefits carriers, it automatically extracts the benefits data from the Abra HR database, re-formats it to meet the specific requirements of each benefit carrier, and securely transmits it to the carriers over the Internet. Abra Benefits Connect makes it easy to switch carriers when you need to, giving you more flexibility to find the most cost-effective insurance plans for your company.

Simple and Flexible Communication with Carriers

Simplify the process of communicating with benefits carriers by allowing Abra Benefits Connect to manage all of the setup and details for you. It automatically reformats the data already in your Abra HR system and sends it to your carriers on your behalf.


Automatically extract employee enrollment data from the Abra HR database, which eliminates the chance of errors. Abra Benefits Connect saves you money by ensuring that you are not charged for terminated or ineligible employees.

Supports Virtually All Carriers

No matter which benefits providers your company partners with, Abra Benefits Connect can meet your needs. Abra Benefits Connect supports insurance carriers in the U.S. and Canada, including health, dental, vision, life, disability, 401(k) and other types of plan providers.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatically extract your benefits data and transmit it to your carriers on the schedule determined by each carrier. Now, you don’t have to worry about “missed enrollments” where employee benefit changes aren’t sent to your insurance providers — scheduled data feeds ensure that all relevant information is consistently communicated to benefits providers.

Easy-to-use Technology

Abra Benefits Connect does not require complex technology or IT support. Sage Software will handle all of the technical requirements of the data transfer to carriers, so you don’t have to.

E-mail Confirmations and Status Updates

You don’t have to worry about whether your carriers received your benefits data. Abra Benefits Connect provides you with transmission confirmations and e-mail status messages so that you can be assured that your benefits data has been received.


Abra Benefits Connect is completely secure. Your sensitive employee benefits data is protected with SFTP & SSL Internet security protocols, PGP encryption, and authentication certificates.

Total Benefits Management

When combined with Abra HR and Abra Benefits Enrollment, Abra Benefits Connect offers a complete, end-to-end benefits management solution.

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